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Toddler Bounce Houses

Discover the Joy of Toddler Bounce Houses

Welcome to our exclusive collection of toddler bounce houses, where fun and safety meet! Our specially curated selection offers the perfect way for your little ones to explore and play in a secure environment. Designed with vibrant colors and exciting themes, these bounce houses are not just toys but gateways to imaginative adventures.

Enhance your backyard fun with our Swings and Playsets collection, offering a range of options for kids of all ages to enjoy. For water enthusiasts, our Water Trampolines provide a unique and exciting way to splash and play. Don't forget to check out our Slip-N-Slides, perfect for adding a cool and fun element to those warm summer days

Safe and Durable Bounce Houses for Toddlers

Safety is paramount when it comes to children's play equipment. Each toddler bounce house in our collection is crafted with high-quality, durable materials that are both puncture-resistant and soft for gentle play. The secure mesh walls and stable bases ensure that your toddlers can jump, bounce, and play with peace of mind.

Easy-to-Set-Up Toddlers Bounce Houses for Endless Fun

As parents, we understand the need for a quick and hassle-free setup. Our toddler bounce houses are designed to be easy to inflate, with most models featuring a rapid air pump system. This means more playtime and less setup time! Whether it's for a special occasion or everyday fun, these bounce houses are a fantastic addition to your child's play area.

Compact and Portable Toddler Bounce Houses

Space-saving and convenience are key for any toddler toy. Our bounce houses are not only spacious enough for active play but also compact when deflated for easy storage. The portability factor allows you to set up the bounce house indoors, in your backyard, or even take it on trips, making it a versatile choice for active toddlers.

Wide Variety of Themes and Styles

Explore our wide range of designs, from fairy-tale castles to jungle adventures, each toddler bounce house is crafted to spark imagination and encourage physical activity. The variety ensures that you can find the perfect match for your child’s interests and your home’s aesthetic.

Shop the Best Toddler Bounce Houses Today

Browse our collection and discover the ideal toddler bounce house that promises not just fun, but a safe and engaging environment for your child. With easy payment options and fast shipping, bringing home the joy of bouncing is just a few clicks away. Shop now and watch your little one’s face light up with the excitement of their very own bounce house!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Are bounce houses safe for toddlers?

Yes, residential bounce houses are safe and fun alternatives to trampolines. They are strong and lightweight, capable of handling constant bouncing by kids. However, following the manufacturer's recommended guidelines is important for safety.

Q2: What types of bounce houses are available for toddlers?

There are numerous types of bounce houses, including castles, beach huts, crayon houses, sports arenas, and fun houses, available in bright, pastel, and neutral colors. This variety caters to different preferences and personalities of children.

Q3: Can a 2-year-old toddler jump in a bounce house?

Bounce houses are generally not recommended for 2-year-old toddlers. At this age, toddlers are still developing their primary cognitive abilities and stability. They might not find a bounce house suitable as they could easily tumble over due to the lack of a robust and steady surface. Additionally, the presence of other kids in the bounce house increases the risk of collisions and injuries. The plastic material and rounded corners of a bounce house might also pose a choking hazard for children under two years old. To prevent accidents, it's advised to use bounce houses specifically designed for toddlers and to constantly monitor the child's activities.

Q4: Can adults go in the toddler bounce house?

While there are maximum total and individual weight limits set by the manufacturer, adults may enter for supervision or photography purposes. Use common sense, as residential bouncers are made of quality materials.


$8,689.99 $4,689.99

10'H Toddler Game by Happy Jump

$4,087.99 $2,179.99

10'H Toddler Water Slide by Jungle Jumps

$8,900.00 $4,859.99

11'H Turtle Slide by Happy Jump

$8,800.00 $4,469.99

10'H Western Junior Game by Happy Jump

$8,800.00 $4,469.99

10'H Ocean Junior Game by Happy Jump

$8,800.00 $4,469.99

10'H Jungle Junior Game by Happy Jump

$8,700.00 $4,659.99

10'H Frog Junior Safari by Happy Jump

$8,700.00 $4,659.99

10'H Tiger Junior Safari by Happy Jump

$8,819.00 $4,889.99

30'L Toddler Town by Magic Jump

$8,419.00 $4,309.99

12'H Toddler Town by Magic Jump

$4,449.00 $2,519.99

PAW Patrol Bounce House by Magic Jump

$9,419.00 $4,859.99

12'H Castle Toddler Combo by Magic Jump

$7,419.00 $3,739.99

Toddler Combo by Magic Jump

$8,879.00 $4,769.00

IPC Toddler Town by Magic Jump

$8,976.00 $4,689.00

23' x 13' IPC Toddler Town by Magic Jump

$8,270.00 $4,189.00

IPC Toddler Combo by Magic Jump

$8,218.00 $4,049.00

14' x 14' IPC Toddler Combo by Magic Jump

$2,809.00 $1,289.00

Mini Bouncer by Magic Jump

$8,569.00 $4,439.00

10'H 28 Toddler Obstacle Course by Magic Jump

$6,915.99 $4,149.99

8'H Toddler Combo by Jungle Jumps