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Jungle Bounce Houses

Step into the Wild with Our Jungle Bounce Houses

Welcome to our vibrant collection of jungle bounce houses, where every jump leads to a new adventure! Perfect for parties, events, and everyday fun, our jungle-themed bounce houses offer a thrilling escape into a world of exotic animals and lush landscapes.

Check out our Holiday Inflatables for themed fun during special occasions. If you're seeking more variety, our Pogo Products collection offers a wide range of choices for endless entertainment. And for those who love vibrant and energetic designs, the Happy Jump collection is sure to delight with its colorful and lively bounce houses. Explore these collections to find the perfect inflatable for your next party or family gathering!

Experience Excitement with Jungle Bounce Houses

Our jungle bounce houses are designed for maximum fun and excitement. With bright colors and engaging designs featuring jungles and wildlife, these inflatables are sure to spark the imagination of every child.

Safe and Reliable Jungle Bounce Houses

Safety is our top priority. Our jungle bounce houses are made with high-quality, durable materials to ensure a secure play environment. The reinforced seams and stable structures guarantee peace of mind while your kids explore the wilds of their imaginations.

Easy Setup and Maintenance of Jungle Bounce Houses

We understand that convenience is key. Our jungle bounce houses are easy to set up, take down, and maintain, making them perfect for busy parents and event organizers. Enjoy more playtime with less hassle!

Explore a Wide Range of Jungle Bounce House Themes

Our collection features a diverse range of jungle themes, from adventurous safari escapades to serene rainforest retreats. Each bounce house is uniquely designed to bring a different aspect of the jungle to your backyard.

Quality and Satisfaction in Every Jungle Bounce House

Shop with confidence knowing that our jungle bounce houses are backed by quality assurance and dedicated customer support. We're committed to providing the best products and services to make your experience unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long can I keep the jungle bounce house inflated?

It's recommended to deflate and store the jungle bounce house properly after each use to maintain its quality and longevity.

Q2: What are the weather restrictions for using a jungle bounce house?

Avoid using the jungle bounce house in strong winds, rain, or snow to prevent damage and ensure safety.

Q3: Is a power supply needed for the jungle bounce house?

Yes, a 15 amp circuit within 100 feet of the bounce house is necessary to provide power.

Q4: Can the jungle bounce house be used indoors?

Jungle bounce houses are suitable for indoor use, offering great entertainment for indoor events.

Q5: Are there weight restrictions for the jungle bounce house?

Adhering to weight restrictions is crucial for safe use of the jungle bounce house​


$12,544.00 $6,549.99

12'H Jungle Train (Crawl-Through) by Cutting Edge

$4,179.00 $2,179.99

10'H Green Baseball Batting Game by Jungle Jumps

$4,587.99 $2,729.99

10'H Tropical Run N Splash by Jungle Jumps

$4,559.99 $2,619.99

10'H Indoor Combo Inside Slide by Jungle Jumps

$10,959.00 $5,829.99

11'H The Jungle Play Yards by Happy Jump

$10,629.00 $4,929.99

10'H Obstacle Game Jungle by Happy Jump

$8,800.00 $4,469.99

10'H Jungle Junior Game by Happy Jump

$6,629.00 $3,539.99

11'H 5x Jump & Splash Jungle by Happy Jump

$9,581.99 $4,749.75

12'H Deluxe Jungle Play Center by eInflatables

$2,981.99 $1,849.00

10'H Small Jungle Adventure by eInflatables

$2,879.00 $1,739.99

10'H Black Cash Cube by Jungle Jumps

$4,659.99 $2,839.99

14' H Palm House Combo with Pool by Jungle Jumps

$4,249.99 $2,249.99

14'H Palm House Combo by Jungle Jumps

$4,769.99 $2,949.99

14'H Inflatable Pirate Combo by Jungle Jumps

$4,769.99 $2,949.99

14'H Palm Super Combo by Jungle Jumps

$6,069.99 $3,279.99

14' H Palm Combo Wet n Dry by Jungle Jumps

$6,479.99 $3,709.99

13'H Bahama Double Lane Combo by Jungle Jumps

$4,539.99 $2,709.99

14' H Tropical Combo by Jungle Jumps

$4,559.99 $2,729.99

14' H Aloha Combo with Pool by Jungle Jumps

$4,209.99 $2,209.99

14'H Inflatable Palm Slide Combo by Jungle Jumps

$4,969.99 $3,059.99

10'H Inside Slide Combo II by Jungle Jumps

$2,939.99 $1,749.99

10'H Purple n Yellow Bounce House by Jungle Jumps

$2,739.99 $1,849.99

10'H High Bounce House Modular by Jungle Jumps

$2,819.00 $1,709.00

14'H Jungle Jumper by Tago's Jump